rustic cabin

Seriously. Wouldn’t you love to spend Christmas in a little, rustic cabin up in the Alps? I’d love to! All red, green and tartan decoration (colors I usually ban from my home) look perfectly warm and cozy in an alpine cabin. Just for Christmas. The day after, I’d want to leave as soon as possible and find an all white and glittery place for New Year’s Eve. :)

But first we'll have an awesome Christmas dinner up in the Swiss Alps. We'd open presents under the huge tree and sit by the fireplace all night. The next day we'd go skiing... (all the family yes, my parents would learn how to ski overnight of course)...

... we'd come back to have Fondue at the kitchen bar...

...to later sit around in the living room reading old books and sharing family stories.

(all pictures via: Vogue)

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  1. Where did you find this cabin? It's fabulous!!


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